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Cakes With Faces

Amy Crabtree calls her business Cakes With Faces because she enjoys putting cute smiley faces on illustrations of cupcakes. Her simple but colorful designs have become popular and ship worldwide. Her designs have been features online in The Guardian and in entertainment magazines like the UK Movies, Magazines, Manga, and More. A four panel comic… Continue reading Cakes With Faces

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Chocola’s Wardrobe: Early 2017

Hello! Every January, people in the Lolita community post their wardrobes. I am…a little late to the party. ^_^; This is my very first wardrobe post! Because I am a full-time college student (my professors currently own my soul), and took these pictures in bits and pieces over the course of several days, the lighting… Continue reading Chocola’s Wardrobe: Early 2017

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Saving Money on Ita Bag Merchandise

What are ita bags? Ita bags are gaining in popularity. They’re bags which often have transparent flaps–people use them to display merchandise of their favorite character or series. The word ita is short for the word itai (痛い) meaning painful. The bags can be painful to look at and perhaps a little painful in the… Continue reading Saving Money on Ita Bag Merchandise