Where to buy cosplay wigs!

Hello, everyone! I have been really into cosplay lately. So I figured I would make a guide which can help fellow cosplayers find some wigs! These are a few sites which I have used in the past, or have had positive reviews among the community.


First up is Matchwigs! I’ve used one of their wigs early in my cosplay career for a Madoka Kaname cosplay and was very pleased with the quality. The wig was nice, thick ,and didn’t tangle easily. The website offers a variety of wigs, ranging from pre-styled character wigs, to fun multi-colored wigs. Plus, they offer free shipping!


I have met people from this lil’ wig store at an anime convention and they are lovely and friendly people. It’s a store run for and by cosplayers, and they test run wigs to make sure that they are good quality.  Like Matchwigs, Five Wits also has character wigs. They are also an American-run store, which means that you’re wigs will get to you quickly! At the time of writing this post, their store has over three hundred wigs to choose from. 7b1bd955e764a62c.gif

This is a China-run wig supplier that has cheap wigs and positive reviews! Although I have not purchased from them personally, they have very positive feedback and are known for supplying wigs to many cosplay wig stores, such as the now defunct Moe Mall wig store. But it is important to keep the cost of shipping (if you’re in a rush to get your wig, it can be a pretty penny), and also the speed of the shipping in mind.


This is one of the places which I frequent the most. AliExpress is similar to the webstore, Taobao, which is a Chinese eBay. I highly recommend this store if you are not in a rush to get your wigs. The prices are cheap and generally, the quality is good! Just make sure to look at customer reviews before buying. As an added plus, many of their stores offer free shipping.


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