Why I go to Anime Conventions

My hobbies are rather unconventional. I occasionally wear frilly dresses, am obsessed with a waifu-collecting rhythm game, and have a collection of various wigs.

I try to blend in most of the time, but still manage to stand out.

I’ve been going to anime conventions ever since I was fourteen years old. Now I am twenty-one.  I thought there were not too many people out their with similar hobbies, but I was wrong. Many people, thousands even, go to conventions to meet people with similar interests.

I am going to be graduating college soon and have been thinking about my hobbies lately and why I enjoy them.

Anime conventions to me, are like entering a safe space, a unique location where you can dress as intricate and crazy as can be, without being questioned by other attendees. (Sure, non-cosplayers may wonder why you’re dressed up the way you are, but that leads to some interesting interactions that is another post in itself).

I’ve worn pink wigs. Dressed up as Sailor Moon on days that aren’t Halloween. I like being able to transform into characters, idols and magical girls in particular, because I admire them for their strength. I am still me when I am in the costumes, but I feel as if I am embodying the character I’m dressed up as.

But cosplay isn’t the only reason why I attend conventions. It’s a great change of pace from my everyday life.

I have met many of my friends and acquaintances through conventions and events. My hobbies have also lead me to write this blog even, to share my experiences at conventions and other events with others.

I look forward to seeing where the future takes me!


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