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Tips for New Lolitas

I made a video which will be out on my YouTube channel in the future about tips for people who are getting into the fashion. The video included three tips, but I thought about a few more after filming the video.

1.) Do not shop at Milanoo

Milanoo is a scam website–many of the items sold do not look the same as the pictures that are shown. There is a Tumblr called “Oh No Milanoo” with some rather interesting horror stories. I linked one that is lolita related.

Image via MyLolitaDress

2.) Replicas are not Recommended

Replicas are copies of dresses, often made with poorer quality materials. Many communities from upon replicas because it is considered to be art theft– people copy brand designs and sell them for a profit. Replicas hurt the companies that are making the real dresses. Although replicas may seem appealing because it seems to be the same dress at first glance, it is worth saving up for the real dresses.

3.) You Can be a Lolita, regardless of Your Size/You Don’t Have to Wear Brand to be a Lolita

I face this problem because I am a plus sized lolita. Brand dresses are usually one size and are made to cater to customers in Japan. But in recent years, with the popularity of lolita overseas, brand dresses have been getting friendlier with the measurements. You do not have to wear brand in order to be a lolita. If you are unable to fit into brand, indie brands and Taobao are a great option. There are additional websites on a guide called Beautiful Plus sized Lolitas.

Image via LadySloth on Storenvy. LadySloth is an indie brand designer.

4.)  Making a Wardrobe Takes Time

Making  wardrobe takes time and patience. I recommend buying basic pieces first by starting either with a jsk or skirt. You can get a blouse, petticoat, shoes, and accessories and build your wardrobe from there. Because lolita costs more than casual fashion,it takes more time to get new pieces. Though as your wardrobe does slowly grow, you can see that it is worth the wait.

5.) Don’t Let the Price of Lolita Intimidate You

Lolita fashion can be expensive, between the dresses, accessories, blouses, shoes, and so on. But you can find good bargains by going on the website, Lacemarket or similar websites where people post their second hand dresses and other items. Most of the items in my wardrobe are second hand.


3 thoughts on “Tips for New Lolitas

  1. I never quite got the concept of indie brands: are they like new small brands trying to develop or maintain their activity besides the “great” brands? And about the prints, do they make them themselves instead of stealing like replicas salers do? Not new to the fashion, but still learning…


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