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Cakes With Faces

Amy Crabtree calls her business Cakes With Faces because she enjoys putting cute smiley faces on illustrations of cupcakes. Her simple but colorful designs have become popular and ship worldwide. Her designs have been features online in The Guardian and in entertainment magazines like the UK Movies, Magazines, Manga, and More. A four panel comic… Continue reading Cakes With Faces

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Is Alternative J-fashion Dying?: Closure of Fruits

Outside of Harajuku, people ¬†have an image of groups of people who wear colorful clothing. Blobs of them. In crowds. They wear a plethora of colorful hairclips.¬† Tutus. Elegant dresses with tea party shoes and poofy skirts. On the internet, people film video vlogs (vlogs for short), on the internet and make the fashion seem… Continue reading Is Alternative J-fashion Dying?: Closure of Fruits