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Chocola’s Wardrobe: Early 2017

Hello! Every January, people in the Lolita community post their wardrobes. I am…a little late to the party. ^_^;

This is my very first wardrobe post! Because I am a full-time college student (my professors currently own my soul), and took these pictures in bits and pieces over the course of several days, the lighting may not be consistent. I  also do not have much in terms of professional equipment. Hopefully that’s okay!

I am selling a view of these dresses on Lacemarket because I learned my measurements recently. I’m trying to make my wardrobe cute and comfortable: that is my motto. While you’re browsing, feel free to take a look at my Lacemarket.

I’m going to add blouses, purses, and more accesories at a later time.


Sweet Mildred: Gourmet Coffee Jsk
Angelic Pretty: Cream Cookie Collection
Angelic Pretty/Disney Collab: Fairy Season
BTSSB: Little Rabbit’s Sparkly Droplet Rendezvous
BTSSB: Flying Love From Juliet Jsk
BTSSB: Rainbow Prism ♪ Alice Sun OP
BTSSB: Queen of Snow Fragment of Eternity Jsk I
Victorian Letter Tiered Jsk: Angelic Pretty


Left and Right: Dream V , Center: Offbrand

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