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Thoughts on Katsucon 2017

Around twenty thousand nerds swarmed the Gaylord Convention Center at Oxford, Maryland. Some, like myself, traveled far to get to the convention center, which is well known for its (in)famous gazebo. The gazebo is popular among convention attendees and photographers and even has a twitter handle.

CPAC Gazebo
Image via @KatsuconGazebo on Twitter

With the gazebo aside, the convention did have some drawbacks. Many attendees have noticed that in recent years, there is overcrowding. At some points, people were packed like sardines and it was hard to get a sense of direction. A few of the meetups I attended were moved because there just was not enough space. Is Katsucon, then, out growing the Gaylord? I think so for sure.

There are however, probably a lot of logistics that go behind changing an entire venue. And because the Gaylord is popular among cosplay photographers, I am uncertain about how popular a move would be. A move hasn’t been discussed yet publicly, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the con moved in the upcoming years.

The pros of the convention? Definitely the amount of cosplayers and people wearing alternative J-Fashion. I also got some photos taken of myself from my friend, Nick:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, weighing the pros and cons, will I go back to Katsucon next year? I’m not the type of person who likes crowds too much and Katsucon certainly is getting overcrowded. It got to the point where getting from point A to point B became a bit of a hassle. If you can handle the crowds, however, I would recommend the con because of the gorgeous con center.

I did have great moments at the con and encourage you to look at my Katsucon vlog.


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