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Katsucon 2017 Lineup!


Hello, everyone! I wanted to announce that I am going to be going to Katsucon 2017! Katsucon is one of my favorite conventions, even if it is a little crowded.

On Thursday, I’ll be arriving at the convention! Most likely I’ll be going to the convention a bit later due to the later hotel  check in time. This Kotori Minami uniform cosplay is almost guaranteed to arrive on time. I have the skirt already, as well as the socks. I got shoes for the cosplay, but they are a little uncomfortable so I am getting a new pair. The blazer is also going to be coming in the mail in the coming weeks!

On Friday, I’ll also be cosplaying as Kotori Minami! Though I am going to be in her Valentine’s Day outfit. I felt as if the outfit was fitting because Katsucon is typically on Valentine’s Day. In terms of this cosplay, it has been in the mail for nearly 40 days and is currently stuck in China. I did have the same cosplay and have a review video on my channel, except I lost the green jacket at school. I had to reorder it. I’m a little nervous on whether or not this cosplay is going to be arriving on time and am probably going to go to the post office soon to track the package down. I am going to be attending the Love Live meet on February 17th at 3pm by the fountains. I should have my Kotori Minami ita bag done by then, so look  out for me and say hi!

On Saturday, I am going to be wearing lolita! This dress is one of my favorites, if not favorite in my entire wardrobe. It’s fitting with the event because it takes place during winter. There are little snowglobes on the dress and there are also glittery details. I’ll be going to be a J-Fashion meetup on February 18th at 3pm by the fountains.

On Sunday, I’m wearing normie clothes! I typically leave conventions early on Sunday due to school and homework.

I am going to be vlogging during the event and will most likely put out a short vlog that recaps my time at the convention. You guys seem to like these vlogs more than the lengthier ones–it’s also easier for me to edit!


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