Alternative Fashion

Rufflecon 2016

Rufflecon 2016 is a convention by and for people who wear alternative fashion. Although Rufflecon is mainly for lolita fashion, there are several other fashions in the convention, as well ,ranging from fairy kei to steampunk. The conference was from October 14th-16th in the Sheraton Stamford. According to a staff member, over 500 people registered for the conference.

I arrived at the convention at around 6pm. I had class that day and my friend Megan and I ended up being caught in a lot of traffic on the way. But we eventually settled in and changed into our first outfits:


We browsed the consignment store and marketplace for a bit. The consignment shop was improved from last year: it was put in a room that was much easier to get around- dresses were also sorted by color! I was not sure if pictures were allowed in the consignment store or marketplace. But the two of us spent a good amount of time browsing. Below is a map of the marketplace. Many of the shops also have online stores.


So, what did I pick up? I got a few items from Hikari Wo Sagasu and Sweet Mildred. Hikari Wo Sagasu sells hair bows and jewelry. I found a cute lil’ pink bow with pearls and a macaron necklace that went with my day 2 coordinate.


Sweet Mildred also sells accessories, but also dresses, as well! I came across their Coffee Gourmet JSK from fellow blogger and Youtuber Vanillabear. I was very impressed with the quality of their dresses. I’m a big coffee junkie, so I figured it was a good fit for me….and it was! Expect to see a Rufflecon Haul video soon. But for now, check out my Rufflecon Vlog!


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