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10 Facts About My Lolita Wardrobe

Hello! I made a test video on  Lolita 52 Challenge. Here, I tackle 10 facts on my lolita wardrobe. I go more in depth in the video about the facts, but here they are:

1.) I am the proud owner of four dresses.
2.) 3 out of four of my dresses are light blue or sax. This was unintentional. My favorite colors are actually purple and pink.
3.) My most comfortable dress I own is Fairy Season by Angelic Pretty
4.) My favorite dress in my wardrobe is Cream Cookie Collection.
5.)  I do not like wearing waist ties and store them separately.
6.) Most of the blouses in my wardrobe are long sleeved because I find it easier to coordinate.
7.) Many of my blouses are from an off brand called Josephine–the company makes career wear that goes well with lolita. Though you may have to dig a bit on Ebay for lolitable blouses.
8.) I own three petticoats. Two are from Legavenue and the third is from Classical Puppets.
9.)  I own a pair of lolita shoes that have hearts for heels.
10.) My favorite purse is this one by swimmer.


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