Chocola’s Lookbook: 5 Outfits!


Alright, I’m trying to change up my style a bit and experimented this week. I have some styles that I like  ranging from alternative  (I love lolita fashion), to casual. I used to be the type of girl who just wore a t-shirt and jeans. Now, I’m a fan of flowy  dresses and peter pan collars. My main goal with my style is to combine both cuteness and comfort.


Ah, Mondays. I put on a muscle shirt from Tokidoki and paired it up with a collared shirt from Lucky brand. I added leggings for comfort. There’s shorts attached to the leggings and i like the look! The shoes are by Jessica Simpson.
Tuesday. I was slowly  getting back into the swing of things. I paired up a peter pan collared shirt from Axes Femme with black leggings.  The black line on the botton part of shirt  is actually made up of itty bitty roses!
Wednesday! I have  anime club that day and try to dress up. A collared dress from Hottopic, tights from old navy, and mary jane shoes. This outfit was super cozy and I loved the way the skirt reached up to my knees. 
Thursday. A simple old navy dress, black socks topped with lace, and a purple scarf from Charming Charlie’s to add a pop of color. It was cold that day but I wanted to add a little bit of spring flair. 
Friday…I made it through the school week! I felt like putting together a nerdy look with a collared shirt from Uniqlo, jeans, and a bunny sweater from Forever 21. The lil’ hair bow is from Forever 21, as well.

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