Alternative Fashion

Angelic Pretty x Disney Review

I purchased this dress off Disney’s Japanese webstore through FromJapan. In this video, I give close ups of the dress, show a little unboxing clip, and also a coordinate I put together.  The dress was very comfortable one me and I have plenty of room.

My style is a blend between classic and sweet. But dang, this dress sure is sweet! The print is gorgeous. Although the quality isn’t standard for Angelic Pretty, I picked it up 1/2 off and it looks pretty as a set. Angelic Pretty has been releasing a lot of really beautiful Disney prints lately. Their recent print features Marie from the Aristocats

I wore my natural hair this time for my coordinate. I have thick hair and love the pony-tail.The scrunchie in this collection and bolero are also super cute! The scunchie would look adorable with a high up bun.


Blouse: (Off-brand, by an office wear company called Josephine. )

Necklace: Made by MagicalTeaTime 

Hair tie: Angelic Pretty

Socks: Angelic Pretty

Shoes: DreamV


See you next time,



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