Clovercon 2018: Artist Alley Review

  Clovercon is a small anime convention great for both new and veteran attendees. Like last year and the years previous, the 2018 convention took place in the 4-H Center in Somerset New Jersey. I attended as a vendor in artist alley. I started vending in January and although I’m newer to the vending scene,… Continue reading Clovercon 2018: Artist Alley Review


The Problem with Rose Quartz

There was a massive reveal on yesterday’s Steven Universe episode. For those who are unfamiliar, Steven Universe is a Cartoon Network show which focuses on the titular character, Steven, along his caretakers and guardians who are personified gems. Steven is a half human-half gem hybrid, who’s mother is the rebellious gem, Rose Quartz. This blog… Continue reading The Problem with Rose Quartz